Hermès scarf : " RÊVES D'ESPACE"

Designed by :  Michel Duchêne

Release year : 1993


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- Dimensions in cm : 90*90

- Composition : heavy silk as new

- General condition : as new, nothing serious to report

- Colors : white, gold..

- Hem : hand made in excellent condition

- Material label : yes

- Notes : square in excellent condition, silk is like new, hand rolled in perfect condition,  tiny traces (storage)at the margin, to see in the photoes.


Other: If man has been observing the stars for tens of thousands of years, it is only for half a century that he has had the technological means to meet them. Already in 1783 appear the first human flights with hot air balloons invented by the Montgolfier brothers through performances and discoveries which are increasingly numerous.


These odysseys have learned valuable knowledge about the Earth and the Universe, discoveries which led men to conquer space and which already have concrete technological applications for which the scientific but also political and financial challenges are colossal. . But what dreams! It is here that these flying engines evolve. We can guess there the feather and wax wings built by Daedalus for his son Icarus, but we make airplanes, hot-air balloons, rockets, hang-gliders… representatives of this conquest of space. 


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