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Hermès scarf : "CHATEAUX D'ARRIERE"

Designed by Julie Abadie in 1974, reissued in 1994.


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- Dimensions in cm : 89*89

- Composition : heavy silk in a good condition

- General condition : good

- Colors : red, blue and golden yellow

- Hem : hand made in a very good condition

- Material label : no

- Notes : good condition: small traces and a few pulled threads not at all serious

"Châteaux d'Arrière" or "Châteaux de Stern" by the artist Hermès, Julia Abadie. During the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, the stern chateau (or aft chateau or aft deck) was the aft (aft) structure behind the mizzen mast and above the transom on tall ships, such as carracks, caravels, galleons and galleons. It usually houses the captain's cabin and perhaps some additional cabins, and is crowned by the Poop Bridge, and they were often richly decorated and adorned with gilded moldings, carved mermaids, and other symbols of victory. This model was first released by Hermès in 1974 and reissued in 1994 and in 70 cm format in 2012. This model is a reissue from 1994.

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